Reviews of "A Day in the Life of the Brain" Book


Reviews of "A Day in the Life of the Brain" by Susan Greenfield 

Susan Greenfield current book "A Day in the Life of the Brain" looks into the mystery of consciousness. Here is some recent newspaper reviews of the book. 

A Day in the Life of The Brain Review in Daily Mail Must Reads 5 May 2017

"Neuroscientist Susan Greenfield attempts to penetrate the mystery of consciousness through a detailed examination of the human brain during one 24-hour cycle. Its full of arresting insights into our mental processes and reveals the latest thinking on dreams" Simon Shaw, The Daily Mail

A Day in the Life of The Brain Review in Event Mag, Mail on Sunday

“Without consciousness, life would be pretty much the same as death” writes Susan Greenfield. It is consciousness that makes our daily life such a rich experience. But what, exactly, do we mean by the term? To explore this question, Greenfield makes a detailed study of 24 hours in the life of a human brain, lodged within the skull of a very ordinary chap who wakes up, eats breakfast, goes to work in an office- then returns to the home he shares with his depressed wife, uncommunicative teenage son, and demented mother-in-law. It is a prosaic scenario yet it provides Greenfield a framework within which to examine what happens in our brains when we are bored, listening to music, and experiencing pleasure, anxiety, or depression. This book offers an intriguing glimpse into enigma of our inner lives" Jane Shilling, Mail on Sunday  

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