Cool Brain Facts: What Neuroscientists Know about Behaviour, Consciousness, and More


There are numerous perspective-shifting and surprising insights on reality and its nature that neuroscience is responsible for. Visual illusions, bizarre neurological syndromes, and clever experiments of a psychological nature are expected to reveal something that might be totally unexpected about how people experience the world which many might just take for granted. Below are some of the things about the brain that might catch you by surprise.

The brain generates perceptual reality entirely

Humans hear meaning and voices from the waves of air pressure. While humans see objects and colours, the brain just receive signals of reflected photons. Every single object that a human perceives, the brain is responsible for its construction. This is also the reason why the brain can be fooled by optical illusions.

Narrow, disjointed, and fragmented view

People think that they are looking at and seeing the world. But what he is doing is looking at things from a narrow visual point towards a small amount of space. For instance, reading means that you will need to move your eyes from one end of the page to the next because the rest of the page is going to be blurry. While the eyes should be seeing blank blurs as it moves, the brain works by editing it out to hide the fact that parts of the page are actually blurry.

Flexible and dynamic body image

The brain is wired in a way where it can actually be fooled to think that something that is not really a part of the body is a part of it. There is a syndrome where people think that part of their limbs does not belong to them. There is even the case of a man who believed that he has a cadaver limb that is attached to his body, a practical joke he thinks, that was played on him by doctors.

Mostly automatic behaviour

Despite the fact that behaviour seems to be something that humans control, it is mostly automatic. This is best manifested by the fact that it is possible for people to drive a vehicle at a specific speed on the road even when lost in thought. This proves that the brain can take care of much of a person’s behaviour. Addiction is also possible since many of the things that people do tend to be automatic and this includes desires and goals. People can easily grab a comb and then start using it without even having an idea why they’re doing it. The same is true when it comes to impulsivity where people act a certain way despite already knowing that they should not.

Neurons are slow

Humans are indeed more intelligent than computers. Thinking tends to feel faster too. However, compared to the 1 billion operations in a single second that computers are capable of, the brain is only able to signal a few times in every second. Despite how slow the neurons are though, it is somehow amazing to realize how humans can be so smart.

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